Ways we benefit from mother owned home-based businesses

I have had the best experiences with mothers who own their own businesses and run the show in their home.

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There’s something about a woman that starts her own business in order to pursue her dreams instead of climbing the corporate ladder. I relate to the dream woman. I relate to the fact that she has a skill she’s proud of, she’s worked on, found out it is marketable, and decided to follow through with the hard work it takes to start a business. Some women know how to craft beautiful custom crochet baby items, for instance, and provide families with unique gifts and photography props.
Regardless of the product or service, I admire work at home mothers for their dedication to their family without losing themselves in the day in and day out struggle of being a mother. In the days of short sleep, long days, and constant rotation of viruses, it’s hard to function above zombie-level. For a mother to stay dedicated to her craft, build a business, and learn the necessary skills to be productive and profitable is worth of credit and applause.

My experience with work at home mothers are fantastic. The most recent example I have is early this week when my children and I got our haircuts in a salon a friend built in her house. When it’s my turn for a hair cut, my children play with hers and their various pets.

Blog postHere’s how you benefit by using a Work At Home Mom (or WAHM):

  1. Dedication: Mothers are forced to learn time-management in order to handle schedules, sickness, laundry, feeding, homework, household duties, and the needs of their significant other. Being a WAHM means she also sees the need to schedule time for personal and professional development. A flexible schedule means she can tend to her family and business needs depending on necessity.
  2. Customer Service: WAHM are willing to go the extra mile for produce quality products or services, because they have a passion for what they’re doing. These are the traits of people I want to support, that I want to do business with, that I want to promote.

What makes a good work at home mother, in your opinion?


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