First Success Milestone

I’ve had the pleasure of working with For the Love of Suds to announce the opening of her store in downtown Kingsport. Lorie Norman, owner, makes beautiful and functional bath and cleaning products. You want to eat them, because they all smell so delicious. My three-year old actually took a bite out of a bar of coffee soap because it looks like a brownie with fluffy white whipped cream on top.

I whole heartedly believe in her products. I use them on my babies and my biggest baby, I mean husband. When I was younger I failed to see the value in quality bath products, but when taking a quiet shower becomes a rare occurrence with two young children, it feels so good to be pampered with good soaps. I highly recommend the Goat Ate Carrots bar of soap.

Anyway, I made a media kit shown here: For the Love of Suds Media. It was successfully picked up by Kingsport Times News and Downtown Kingsport Association’s blog.

This is an exciting time for me as I pursue what I so enjoying doing, which is writing and helping businesses succeed in public relations.


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