Why babysitting caused me to start work as a writer

Depending on how well you know me, you might be wondering why I started marketing myself as a freelance writer. I got a side hustle this past summer where I played with toddlers once a week for a few hours. I hated it. I’m not cut out to be a school teacher, daycare worker, nanny. None of that. I did, however, love the extra cash. As a stay-at-home mother, I’ve been conscientious of how I spend the family’s money and forgoing on fun extras for myself. Until that babysitting cash came along to let me know there’s this whole other world out there, one where I can buy whatever I want without guilt. Since I hated the babysitting gig, I thought about how else I could make cash.

Then I remembered I went to college and graduated with two bachelor degrees. Oh yeah. Duh. One degree is in journalism and the other in public relations. I love writing, and I haven’t stopped doing it just because I’ve been birthin’ babies. I’ve been writing web content and newsletters for Leinbach Services INC and newsletters for Amedisys Hospice since graduating college. I also have been busy running and promoting MOMS Club of Kingsport. All it took is one terrible side hustle for me to realize I’ve got untapped money-making potential.

Working with clients as a freelance writer has been exciting for me as I prepare to one day join the workforce once again. I’m creating a name for myself as someone who can deliver effective and interesting content and able to help businesses succeed in their public relations and marketing plans.


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