Perfect location for child’s birthday party

If you’re looking for a location for a child’s birthday party in Kingsport, I have an idea you might not have though of! Last weekend, I had my daughter’s birthday party at Michael’s Craft Store on Stone Drive. The store is next to Target, so that was a definite win for all the mamas who came to the party.

I booked the party a month in advance. For $50 you get the room for 2 1/2 hours, invitations, thank you cards, an apron keepsake for the birthday child, and an associate to help during the party.

I really liked the location. We decorated quickly before the party started. We had to do it quickly because they forgot about our scheduled our party so they double booked the room. Eeck. Like, 10 women had to pack up their cakes and frosting tools, and move to the other room. Once everyone was out of the room, a few employees cleaned up then dropped off another associate to help with the party. She got to work decorating the room with me and my mother-in-law.

During the party, the kids did a simple craft. I choose an activity that the toddlers could do that wouldn’t ruin their clothes or require long drying times since the mamas could potentially be hitting up Target after the party. Save yourself time and energy by picking out an activity from the store’s webpage with the kids craft kits they sell. Or, if you don’t mind some DIY, this looks rockin’ awesome: a baking and crafting themed party. Super cute to photograph, easy prep, and fun to be had!

After the craft, we ate pizza, decorated cupcakes, a child puked, the employees cleaned it up, we opened presents, took a group photo of everyone who was left, packed up, and ran out the door. Just the fact that I didn’t have anything to clean before or after was worth the $50.

Anyone else know of a great place to have a child’s birthday party in Kingsport?


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