Embracing social media as an effective communication tool for your brand

Social media is a shifting, always-changing marketing tool you should be using. However when you don’t see the results you were expecting, it’s hard to not want to throw in the towel. You’re not alone in your pursuit of being social and experiencing silence, nor are you the only one struggling for an engaged community that results in sales. Instead of viewing social media solely as a marketing tool, think of it as a means to have meaningful conversations with your potential and current customers. Why spend a lot of money on interruption based marketing and advertising when you can position your brand where your customers are at online by being actively social.

Picture yourself at a lunch date for just a moment. Just like there are social rules you must follow in order to remain in the good graces of those in attendance, there are rules when you’re being social online. If all you ever do is walk up to people, interrupt their conversations, and start pitching your service or product, no one will want anything to do with you. That’s not how good connections are made at a lunch meeting nor is that how people want to be treated on social media. To engage those who follow us, we must use social media as a means to create conversations, not sales pitches, not “HEY! LOOK HOW AWESOME I AM!” pitches.

Here to help us in our social journey is Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez. She’s the founder of Beyond Engagement – Social Media Solutions, which helps businesses located in the Tri-Cities reach their social media goals.

If you have a business, you need to at least have a Facebook business page,” Valentina said. “It’s important that clients have a two way conversation with their customers. Long gone are the days when businesses place an ad and waited for customers to come in. These days businesses need to be engaged in a dialogue with their fans to educate and entertain their audiences.”

Creating an atmosphere for listening to your customers is achieved by distributing meaningful, relevant, and timely content for your readers. Establish a routine that for each promotional push on social media you follow-up with four content shares from other businesses and people. Then when people comment, quickly respond to them. Let them know you’re listening, you’re available, and that you care.

Valentina shares on her blog about being consistent, responsive, and passionate about helping your readers. “I’m always sharing nuggets of information about social media, networking, entrepreneurship, local events that are worth attending,” she said. “I don’t sales pitch (as much), and I hope that people see me as the person who shares info verses the one that always selling to them.”

Valentina offers several different types of social media services, and it’s super easy to get in contact with her. Check out her website for more information about how she can help you connect and engage your followers:  http://beyond-engagement.com or shoot her an email at valentina@beyond-engagement.com or call 423-631-6102.


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