Bag Lady collects items for foster children

Susan Bishop spent her entire adult life raising and tending to her four babies. She loves spending time with children, especially those whom she calls her own. Always an advocate for children, even the ones who act unloved and unruly, Susan’s heart bleeds for them all, but none more than those who are hurting and treated poorly by those who are suppose to provide unconditional love.

When Child Protective Services and the police show up at a home to remove children, they try to grab items that the children might want/need when they go to a new home. Often times, those items are simply thrown into a trash bag because there’s nothing else to use. Once the children are taken away from the home and placed elsewhere, they’re left with their trash bag full of items pulled from the house that often times are dirty and damaged.

The entire Bishop family wants to provide backpacks and toiletries for the children facing these horrible circumstances in order to give them something nice, something they can keep that will hold what’s left of their belongings. Her goal is to raise 740 bags because that’s the number that was estimated how many children are taken out of their homes a year in our area.

“When you watch a child crying their eyes out while being taken from their home where they weren’t tended to, it breaks your heart and you want to do something that will help them,” Susan said. “I can’t be there to help all of those children process what’s happening to them, but I can give them something to hold on to during difficult those times.”

Small tokens of kindness on your part greatly impacts the lives of these children during an extremely difficult process. If you would like to fill the back pack with toiletries items, especially in the small or travel sizes, that would be greatly appreciated.

Items needed for donations:




Hair bands/pony tail holders/barrettes

Feminine hygiene products (both sanitary napkins and tampons)


Lip balm/chap stick

Socks of all sizes: male and female

Underwear of all sizes: male and female

Sports bras: various sizes

Non-perishable snacks (or items with a longer shelf-life)

Juice boxes that do not require refrigeration

If you would like to donate a backpack or toiletries, email Susan at to arrange a pick up or drop off. Several community places are placing big boxes in their facilities, such as Providence AcademySt. Dominics Catholic School, and the Kingsport YMCA.

“I’m not a perfect mother by any means, but all of my children were well loved. Can you imagine what the world would be like if every child was wanted and loved? I admire the love foster parents give, and I want to be right alongside of them helping.”



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