Gardening with deer and babies


Gardening with deer and babies

Soon after my daughter was born, I started itching to get outside, feel the sun and wind on my skin. I went from working full-time and going to school full-time to being a stay-at-home mom in an instant. So, I cured my spring fever by pulling every single weed out of the garden bed at our lakehouse. It took weeks and I had a perpetual sunburn. The beautiful black soil was satisfying to look at at first, but it lost its luster soon after the weeds reappeared. I didn’t garden again for a couple years.

Gardening with deer

Then, last summer, I tried again to cure that spring fever. I got a 4 by 4 foot raised bed garden so I could learn how to grow food. Come on, I told myself. It can’t be that hard. I went to a few classes at my local gardening store and learned some. Mostly though I just asked my farming friend, Ang, what she thought about my plans. Based on my limited knowledge coupled with high enthusiasm, I went with spinach, tomatoes, basil, and green beans. HOWEVER. The only thing we ate from the garden was the basil. Must be because deer don’t like it. They however love spinach, tomatoes, and green beans. It felt like a total waste.

But I did learn one good lesson: get that shit that keeps the deer away.

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Now with the gardening season is once again upon us. I’m excited. Pearl and I planted spinach and broccoli seeds a few weeks ago. I’m preeeeetty sure, though, the seeds probably should have sprouted by now. We’re going to plant tomatoes and basil soon. Even though I’m not exceptionally good at gardening due to the fact that planets are totally silent and can’t cry out for attention. Plus, the raised bed garden is on the side of the house we don’t normally visit. Regardless, I want my kids to love growing their own food.


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