More than just a pretty girl

I don’t know Sadie Roberts well, but what I do know is that Sadie is mother to two young girls and recently adopted a teenage daughter. By trade, she’s a graphic designer at Kingsport Printing, and on the side, she’s a photographer and a doula. Oh, and her husband is the pastor of Preaching Christ Church.

Whoa. Talk about a boss lady. But, to be with her in person, she’s bubbly, kind, and funny. When asked by a salesman visiting the store what her title is at Kingsport Printing, she called herself “the pretty girl behind the counter.” I think she’s down playing her important roles. So, no really, what does she do?

“I’m a graphic designer and a printer and a sass talker to the Preacher,” Sadie said. Her days at the print shop are filled with deadlines, phone calls, and loudly singing Taylor Swift songs. I visited her one day at the print shop, and probably took too much of her time, but she was so pleasant about it. I didn’t hear any TSwift songs while I was there, but I can attest to the fact that she can rap Snoop Dogg’s Gin & Juice song.

While she considers herself the pretty girl behind the counter at the print shop, at the church I bet she considers her role as the pretty girl behind the man. “I really don’t have a title at the church,” Sadie said. “Thankfully, no one at the church calls me the First Lady, and hardly ever does someone refer to me as the pastor’s wife. I’m just Sadie there, that’s all.” Her favorite part of church is worship. She describes it as leading people into God’s Spirit and then getting out of the way.

Friends call her gentle, loving, and a welcoming presence in their lives. So welcoming, in fact, that one friend had her attend their homebirth as a doula. Sadie humorously remembers hanging out with the husband of her best friend, Austin Addington. “She wasn’t in intense labor yet, so Marcus and I saw it fit to play video games on the couch,” Sadie said. “Austin now finds this fact amusing. Hey, you have to support the dads during this time too right?”

Austin said that Sadie is a never ending fountain of encouragement and friendship for her. “Sadie brings joy and laughter everywhere she goes,” Austin said. “I am continually amazed at just how much she really does. A super woman that wears so many hats gracefully and is central in the lives of many people. She is also super quick to snap a witty comeback or make a dirty joke.”

Her heart and true calling in life, she said, is with her family. “Even from a young age I can remember all my friends wanting to become doctors or lawyers, I on the other hand wanted to be a wife and a mom,” Sadie said. “Being the wife of a super smart, super cute guy and being the momma to three hilarious, fun girls is where my heart is.”

Her advice for her fellow working moms out there is to focus on the kids instead of housework. Can I get an amen! “Let the house, the chores, and the busy work go,” Sadie said. “You are first and foremost their mom, and they’re only little for a while. Soak them in and do the laundry later. Your kids will never remember the deadlines you met or the clothes you folded. They will remember all the memories you make with them.”


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