Direct mail marketing

Reach your target audience with            direct mail marketing

When you hear those words–direct mail marketing–what’s the first thing that pops in your mind? Junk mail? Trash? Waste of money and resources? I’m going to show you how you can reach your target audience with the simple tool of direct mail marketing.

In the era of electronic communications, such as social media and email, direct mail still works. It reaches people directly in their homes while they’re reading bills and bank statements. They’re profitable and bring in revenue.

There are a few tactics you can employ when sending out direct mail marketing materials.

Here’s a few suggestions to implementing your own marketing piece:

  • Don’t send junk.
  • Make sure what you’re sending conveys relevant information to your customers. It’s informative.
  • Your mailer should benefit your customers by solving a problem of theirs. Whatever product or service you business offers should solve a customer’s problem, whether its to have peace of mind or happiness or style or health.
  • Be helpful.

Direct mail marketing puts your brand in front of people in multiple different ways.

Results don’t come from one sole marketing tactic. Got a Facebook ad going? Great. Got a newsletter? Awesome. Have excellent customer service that produces word of mouth referrals? AMAZING.

Effective marketing requires that you make the most use of your money and materials by reaching your customers in several different avenues.

Easily self-promote your business using

  • social media
  • blogs
  • newsletters
  • ads
  • press releases
  • direct mail pieces

Direct mail levels the playing field, so assuming you have successful copy and images, you’re competing with giant businesses.

To get started, establish the following:

  1. Start off your success by using the right mailing list. Generate sales and leads with people who are your target demographic. This is the most important step of being successful at direct mail marketing. Nothing else matters if you don’t have the right mailing list. It won’t matter how perfect or creative your piece is if you mail it to someone who’s never going to be your customer.
  2. What are you offering? State it early and clearly.
  3. How does the copy read? Is there enough white space?
  4. Catch their attention with the graphics and design.
  5. Keep ’em coming! Don’t just stop after one direct mail piece. Hit ’em three times!
  6. Vary the type to stay interesting. Keep the designs creative and concise.

Study the results.

Find out what worked for you and exactly what didn’t so your next piece will be even more successful.

For more information about how to be successful in direct mail marketing, here’s a link to a website I found that gives excellent tips.

How has direct mail marketing impacted your business? Let me know what works for you!


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