How to write the perfect message

How to write the perfect message

Taking control of first impressions

I’m working for a local business who recently had me write their phone messages for when their customers call the office for service. For this business, as well as a lot of other businesses, the phone recording is one of the first impressions customers experience.

It’s important that the recording is professional, friendly, informative, but not too wordy. There are few things more annoying as a customer than calling a company and having to listen to what seems like never ending unimportant information in a recording before I get to press one for service.

Here’s a few tips on recording the perfect message for when your customers call your office. Identify the different types of messages needed your customers need.

Brief, pleasant greeting

The first impression your customers receive during this call session begins at the greeting message. Keep it brief and pleasant. Here’s what I wrote for my small business client:

Merry Christmas! Thank you for calling Leinbach Services, Inc., providing the Tri-Cities with heating and air conditioning, electrical, handyman, and plumbing services. This call may be recorded for training and quality-assurance purposes. Our residential service hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm, excluding holidays.

For Service please press 1

For Sales press 2

For Accounting press 3

For the operator, please press zero

The client requested the immediate holiday greeting, and I appeased because I’m here to please clients with words. 🙂


If your staff is busy taking other calls or out of the office, you’ll want to give customers an opportunity to leave a confidential message. Identify who the voicemail is for, such as their name and title, if applicable. Such as, “You’ve reached the office of Sally in accounting…”

Apologize for not being able to answer the phone and encourage them to leave a message. As soon as possible, your staff should return their call.

I also like to tell them that while they’re waiting for our call, they can visit our website for additional information. Keep this recording no longer than 25 seconds.


Craft your perfect message

Hope this helps you as you undertake the task of writing the perfect message for your customers. Remember to keep in mind what your pet peeves are when you call a business and try to prevent your customers suffering through the same torture.


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