Gazebo Party & Gift Shop

Gazebo Party & Gift Shop offers some sweet options for Christmas

CHELSEY BISHOP • NOV 1, 2016 AT 10:30 AM

The sweet smell of Christmas caramels, fresh pecans and melting chocolate fills the air at Gazebo Party & Gift Shop on Market Street in Downtown Kingsport. Anyone from professional bakers looking for the latest trends in decorating to holiday party goers can find what they’re looking for at Gazebo Party & Gift Shop.

“When you give someone handmade candy, they go crazy,” said shop owner Jo-Rita Clayton. “It’s a big deal to receive anything handmade these days. People love the idea that you took the time to make them something.”

Clayton takes away the pain of choosing a perfect gift by providing the opportunity to make fresh and delicious Christmas candies. From start to finish, shoppers at Gazebo Party & Gift Shop can prepare for any holiday gift and party without stress.

First, choose from over 325 different candy molds – more than enough options to show the thoughtfulness and creativity behind the gift and the gift-giver.

Next, experience quality ingredients that will create the shell of the candy instead. “Just to name a few popular items, there’s Peters brand caramels by the pound or five-pound package and Merckens chocolate for melting in 1-, 5-, 10- and 50-pound bags,” said Clayton.

Then, pick a few holiday favorite fillings. “We have the Squeezems fillings that are delicious, specialty fillings in an easy-to-use package,” said Clayton. “The soft caramel filling is amazing.”

Finally, select from the many different ingredients to choose from, including coconut dough, toasted coconut, macaroon coconut, malted milk crisp and tiny tots crisp rice.

Gifts aren’t complete until there is a bow on the package, which customers can also find at Gazebo Party & Gift Shop. Holiday-themed packaging are sold individually or in bulk, depending on the length of the candy maker’s Christmas list.

Those who like the idea of handmade candy, but are more pressed on time, can give the gift of bark. Melt quality white chocolate with any of the specialty peppermint, tangerine, key lime, heath/toffee, lemon, espresso or tart cherry candies for a quick gift of dessert.

Gifts are only the beginning of the holiday necessities, though. Gazebo Party & Gift Shop carries dips, soups and drink mixers that will have guests at the holiday party wondering who brought that dish and where they can find that recipe.

“These mixers are wildly popular because most only call for one extra ingredient and it’s done,” Clayton said.

To learn how to make candies, cakes or cookies, check the Gazebo Party & Gift Shop’s Facebook page for updates about future classes. You can also call the shop at 423-245-0771 or email


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